Fume Scrubbers

Johndec manufactures a complete range of high performance scrubbers that are used for removing undesirable acid fumes, chemical substances or odours from the gas stream. Fume scrubbers manufactured by Johndec are individually designed to remove mist, entrained liquid particles, noxious corrosive gases and vapours from the exhaust air stream. A packed bed using Johndec Scrubber Packers is the heart of the scrubber. Pollutant gases can generally be removed to any desired concentrations to meet local air pollution regulations.



The range of Johndec Fume Scrubbers include:-

  • Crossflow Fume Scrubbers
  • Counterflow Fume Scrubbers
  • Duct Mounted Fume Cupboard Scrubber Series

Counter Flow Fume Scrubber
Series C - 3000mm BED
Counter Flow Fume Scrubber
Series A - 1200mm BED
Cross Flow Fume Scrubber
Duct Mounted Fume Scrubber

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