Johndec Safetyflow fume cupboards provide maximum containment and safety in the laboratory. A range of superior fume cupboards with proven smooth aerodynamic performance.



Johndec Safetyflow non-hazardous aerodynamic fume cupboards meet exacting standards and recommendations for safety and containment in the laboratory. The Safetyflow Fume Cupboards comply with the Australian Standards 2243.8 and is wholly manufactured in Australia.

Johndec Safetyflow fume cupboards are manufactured from the best flame retardant grade thermoplastics. The material of construction will be specially determined, based on the fume cupboard application and use of chemicals.


Our extensive range of fume cupboards include:-

  • Single sided Fume Cupboards
  • Double sided fume cupboards
  • School Fume Cupboards, designed for applications and for demonstration purposes. Complies with AS2243.8 and meets Department of Education & Training requirements
  • Walk-in fume cupboards
  • Down draught fume cupboards
  • Fume cupboards for special applications such as radioactive materials, perchloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, flammable reagents, high temperature work, flammable liquids and heavy vapour work.
  • Mining fume cupboards
  • Custom built fume cupboards to specified sizes and requirements



Johndec Fe2000 fume control system a compact electronic module which makes compliance with the Australian Standards exacting conditions simple, safe and cost effective

Fume Cupboard Gallery

Safetyflow Fume Cupboard fitted with side discharge mounted fume scrubber
Custom build fume cupboard 4320mm wide x 1250mm deep
Custom built fume cupboard inc. 4 large wash baths & autosash
Custom built walk-in fume cupboard 2000mm x 2500mm x 2500mm high
Safetyflow Double Sided School Fume Cupboard
Safetyflow Single Sided School Fume Cupboard