High Quality Plastic Products in Perth

Johndec Engineering Plastics Pty Ltd, one of the largest Fume Cupboard Manufacturers in Australia, can design, manufacture, install, andmaintain all makes and types of Fume Cupboards, Fume Exhaust Fans, Fume Scrubbers and other Chemical Exhaust Systems.

Covering an extremely diverse customer base for a wide range of uses, Johndec Engineering Plastics can fabricate any of your ideas from plastics sheeting and piping, no matter how extreme the conditions.

Our Trusted Clients

"Johndec helped us to create a custom Solution that perfectly suited our needs. Their product is second to none and every piece was constructed with a high eye for detail and quality. When an outside incident caused their product to be damaged, Johndec stepped up to the plate and delivered a replacement part within hours, allowing our project to continue without a hitch."
- C. Hunter, Mechatronics Engineer / Group Engineering

"Excellent group for all your chemical fume extraction needs. Quality equipment – our fume cupboards are still running flawlessly after 13 years in operation! Prompt reply with quotes, thank you to Simon and his team."
- A. Nguyen, Senior Laboratory Supervisor