About Johndec Engineering Plastics WA

Johndec Engineering Plastics WA is dedicated to supplying the latest in highly engineered chemical fume handling equipment to industrial, scientific, mining, commerce and commercial laboratory markets.

With over 40 years experience, we specialise in Fume Cupboards, Extraction Fans, Fume Handling Equipment and the complete range of Custom Plastics Fabrication.

We are entirely Australian owned, with all equipment locally designed and manufactured to exceed Australian Standards and Conditions.


International Quality Policy

It is the policy of Johndec Engineering Plastics WA to strive to provide an efficient service to our clients. To enable us to achieve this we have installed within our company the International Quality System based on AS 3902 – ISO 9002, quality systems for production and installation.

Cutting, forming, welding and bonding of various grades of plastic materials in the manufacture of fume cupboards, fans and fume scrubbers for the medical industry; electrowinning cells, fans and ducting for the mining and chemical industries. As well as the manufacture of fabricated items for the general engineering industry.

All employees throughout Johndec Engineering Plastics WA shall work strictly to our quality manual and related procedures in order to provide our clients with a quality product and service.

Johndec Engineering Plastics WA is committed to a structured training programme, which shall be enforced throughout all departments; details of which are provided in the company internal procedure document.

All quality systems shall be verified by our internal quality audit system.