Moulded Ventilation & Duct Fittings

Johndec Engineering Plastics WA is a distributor of Beck & HoKa; German-based companies specializing in the manufacturer of moulded polymer chemical resistant ventilation duct fittings.


Beck & HoKa Specialist

All duct fittings are manufactured to be used in ventilation and conform with AS2243.8; with all bends having a centre-line radius equal to the diameter, not like standard off the shelf plumbing fittings. Duct and fittings are produced in a large array of sizes with dimensions ranging from 75 to 1000mm diameter.

These unique moulded plastic fittings are available in all commonly required arrangements such as bends, junctions, joiners and transitions. This vast range virtually eliminates the need for custom fabrication.

Produced in PVC, PP, PPs, HDPE and PVDF, Beck & HoKa plastic fittings are suitable for all exhaust and ventilation systems, including the extraction of corrosive and volatile fumes.

PVC duct and fittings can be joined by solvent welding whilst the joining of other materials (PP, HDPE, PPs & PVDF) is done by a plastic welding process.

Pre-Made Polymer Ventilation Duct & Fittings

Eliminate the need for customised fabrication, with our aim to ensure continuous availability and short delivery times on all Beck & HoKa products.

Custom Made Fabricated Duct & Fittings

Johndec Engineering Plastics WA are also able to manufacture duct and fittings to any specified size to meet individual requirements.