fume hood

Does your workplace require you to deal with toxic chemicals? Then more than likely, you are well aware of the imperative nature of a fume hood.

Installing this ventilation system is a significant and necessary purchase to ensure safe operations of your business premises. Delaying the purchase of a fume hood or buying the wrong type for your needs may not only breach government regulations, but also expose your workers to toxic substances that can have long-term and dangerous health implications.

The exhaust system performs the main job of a hood, so if not working properly, the fume hood will not operate effectively.

To check if your exhaust system is working properly, you want to look at the following components:

  • The baffles: Which are the movable partitions that create openings in the back of the hood. These keep airflow uniform, which increases efficiency.

  • Obstructions: Look for any obstructions to the system as this will ensure airflow is not impeded.

  • Airflow monitor: The airflow monitor is in fact an aspect of the hood’s design. This is why it is important to check the status of the airflow monitor, because the device will alert you if any suspected changes in airflow occur.

  • Follow manufacturer’s guidelines: As a general rule-of-thumb, all work should be conducted and all apparatus should be kept at least 6 inches back from the hood’s face.

  • Fume hood’s sash: Keep it in-between you and the work you are conducting.

  • Follow proper laboratory design: This is to reduce external airflow influences and factors. This can include things such as positioning the fume hood away from doors and minimising foot traffic patterns.

  • Do not store chemicals or lab equipment in the hood: If large equipment must be stored in the hood, place pieces on blocks to allow air to flow under the equipment.

  • Avoid sources that may cause a spark: When looking inside the hood, including electrical receptacles, you want to minimise exposure to elements that may cause a short-circuit or a spark.

Why workplace practices matter

Fume hoods in Perth are an excellent source of protection against toxic chemicals and substances because of their effective exhaust systems. However, if not used or maintained properly, their effectiveness will suffer because the exhaust system may not remove dangerous particles.

You can explore our exhaust fume fans here, and also get a feel for our quality commitment policy prior to getting in touch with our Perth team. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your exhaust systems to improve the productivity of your laboratory or university premises.