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laboratory tapware

Are you planning to refurbish your current laboratory in Perth? Perhaps you are thinking about building a new laboratory space within your facility or university? Regardless, this process can be a challenging one to navigate, like for example, what laboratory taps are you going to acquire?

Luckily today, we are exploring the topic of laboratory tapware to get you started on your refurbishment or laboratory building process.

Firstly, what are laboratory taps?

Laboratory taps are tapware that are ergonomically designed to meet all your water and gas application requirements for even the most demanding of laboratories. Taps are a must in any laboratory environment. Not only do they prove useful during experiments or practical sessions, but they are also crucial to laboratory safety.

The range of laboratory taps that are available is vast and can be difficult to navigate. So let us discuss the two variations in greater details. 

Laboratory taps come in two variations 

Water and gas taps are distinguishable both by the location in which they are installed in a lab as water taps are generally installed over the sink, whereas gas taps can be found dotted across the benches. The visual aesthetic of the tap itself is also vastly different. Each has their own variations, and each lab will have a laboratory tap that is perfect for it.

Water taps

  • Firstly, water taps come with different nozzle options, including fixed or removable. Fixed nozzle taps are great if you need to connect to a hose, whereas a removable nozzle tap offers more flexibility. 
  • There is also an option for lever action operation, as well as a standard handwheel. The lever mechanism is considerably easier to navigate. 
  • Water taps also come with a variation of different necks. The swan neck is more popular for university, school and medical laboratory facilities,, and can come with either fixed or removable nozzles

Gas taps 

  • Gas taps come with a heightened risk with its installation. 
  • Drop lever gas taps are sturdy, hardwearing, bespoke and fit-for-purpose. Being a high visibility yellow, you will have the ability to rapidly scan the laboratory premises, and identify if any gas taps have been left in the ‘on’ position.
  • A push turn tap allows you to fine tune the supply of gas, providing different combinations to suit any practical work you may be carrying out. This is a preferred choice for university laboratories. 

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