Perth Mint – Scrubber Upgrade

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Perth Mint

Perth Mint is a Western Australia Government owned bullion mint intended to refine gold from the gold rushes  and to mint gold  and half sovereigns  for the British Empire.

Royal mint is older of two Australia’s coins issuing legal tender which produces coins of Australian dollar for circulation.



Recent completed project at the Perth Mint. For over a century, Gold Corporation, trading as Perth Mint has been trusted to produce the highest purity gold, silver bullion, and create some of the finest coins and bars ever minted.

Johndec was engaged to create a custom solution to manufacture and supply new fume scrubber, extraction fan and duct work, replacing their existing aged system.



Scope of works included:


Johndec Counter flow Fume Scrubber; designed to treat contaminated airflows up to 30,600m3/hr. Fitted with duty/stand by recirculation pumps and bulit-in water treatment system .


Duty /Standby Chemo Chem 710 belt fans to extract 30,600m3/hr


Custom fabricated polypropylene duct and fittings completing the installation