Ecu Science Building

Johndec Engineering Plastics WA a very proud to be part of the recently completed ECU Joondalup Campus Science Building, a five-level science building including 2,500m² of laboratory space over two floors.
The building’s laboratories are state of the art, large-scale and purpose-built to an Australian safety standard for handling and studying potentially hazardous materials.
Johndec Engineering Plastics WA worked closely with Centigrade Mechanical Services to manufacture and supply equipment for this project, to a very tight production schedule.
Equipment for this project supplied by JEPWA included:-
• 31 Safetyflow Fume Cupboards; including 4 units meeting DDA design requirements.
• 31 Chemco Fume Exhaust Fans
• 20 Duct Mounted Fume Scrubbers
• Over 1.5km uPVC duct work.
As always It was a pleasure to worked with Centigrade Mechanical Services on this project.

Johndec Safetyflow DDA (Disability Access) Fume Cupboards

Johndec Safetyflow DDA (Disability Access) Fume Cupboards
• Full Compliance to AS2243.8 and AS1428.2 for reach ranges & working heights.
• Customized design to allow worktop, services and clearances to meet AS1428.2 DDA design requirements.
• Fitted with TEL Auto-sash (auto closing with proximity sensors) which provides energy conservation.

Curtin University B611

The latest project for Curtin University B611 to reach practical completion. Amalgamation and collocation of several research functions spread out across numerous facilities within a bespoke, fit for purpose research facility

Construction took place in an operational environment over three stages and involved significant specialised chemical fume handling exhaust systems.

Johndec Engineering Plastics WA worked closely with CMS Engineering to manufacture and supply equipment for the three stages. Featuring Safetyflow Fume Cupboards, Duct Fume Scrubbers, Chemco Fume Exhaust Fans and chemical fume handling exhaust systems.

It’s a pleasure to be working with CMS Engineering on this project.

Sneeze Guards

An install of JEPWA Custom Sneeze Guards at Terry White Chemmart Innaloo; measuring 1.2m high and 7m in length, fully manufactured from 10mm acrylic sheet.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, sneeze guards offer valuable protection from the spread of this virus, providing a barrier between person to person interactions.

JEPWA can site measure, custom engineer and install these sneeze guards to suit any business environment.


Double Sided Fume Cupboards

Johndec Double Sided School Fume Cupboards are designed and manufactured right here in WA. Offering the highest quality and exceeding the requirements of AS2243.8.

Double Sided Fume Cupboards are used in school laboratories between preparation rooms and classrooms, designed for school applications and demonstration purposes.

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