Double Sided Fume Cupboards

Johndec Double Sided School Fume Cupboards are designed and manufactured right here in WA. Offering the highest quality and exceeding the requirements of AS2243.8.

Double Sided Fume Cupboards are used in school laboratories between preparation rooms and classrooms, designed for school applications and demonstration purposes.

Tank Pipework

For us, it's not just about fabricating a tank and sending it off for someone else to worry about. We work hard with our customers to provide them with a high quality product and a professional installation service that can sometimes have tight deadlines.

On this project we factory pre-fitted all pipework on the tank prior to installation, this saves our customer time and money. Once positioned the tank is ready to connect to the main supply and will be up and running with minimal disruptions.

We can fabricate any of your ideas from plastics sheeting and piping, no matter how extreme the conditions.

Johndec Fe3000

The Johndec Failsafe Fume Cupboard Control System Fe3000 is a compact electronic module containing all switches and timers to enable a fume cupboard to comply with Australian Standards.

This in turn allows the use of flammable liquids and gases to be used together with bunsen burners and other non fire proof electrical equipment.

Automated Robotic Lab

Recently completed project at BHP Nickel West, automated robotic laboratory.

Johndec Engineering WA worked closely with IMP Group to design and manufacture the custom built fume cupboards at the Nickel West site at Kwinana Beach, Western Australia.

The fume cupboards were fabricated from flame retardant polypropylene and incorporated integrated fume scrubbers and wash down.

Anti Bird Spikes

PVC stack discharge cones, fitted with stainless steel Anti Bird Spikes. These pointed spikes provide an effective barrier for birds, preventing them from landing on the cone and entering the stack.


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